Security Systems Consulting - from budgets to forward planning

Consultancy and Training

ATEC’s work is characterised by a consultative approach founded in thirty years’ developing innovative security solutions and working in diverse industry sectors from public space to critical infrastructure.

ATEC has a proven track record in security systems and solution design, implementation and support. On every project, we will necessarily have carried out a consulting phase first to ensure we have a full understanding of the customer’s security needs and business objectives. The consulting phase is carried out as a formal project requirement or as an essential in-house step to ensure ATEC's security projects are delivered in an optimal way.

Increasingly, in today’s fast moving security industry, expert consultancy is essential to validate and wring maximum value from security investments. Both security challenges and technology are frequenlty too sophisticated to take a purely transactional approach to design and implementation.

ATEC security systems consultancy typically takes a holistic, 3600 view of projects, from building a business case that includes budget review and product selection, or ensuring that diverse systems can be properly integrated, all the way to designing and specifying a solution where none has previously existed.

ATEC security systems consultancy aims to ensure that people, process and technology work together to achieve future-proof security solutions that create demonstrable business value.

ATEC security consultants provide a full range of strategic and tactical consulting services, from system review and procurement, to forward planning.

The keys to ATEC's security consulting success and agility are that it can leverage in-house talent, experience and up-to-the-minute market knowledge to achieve results in the most cost-effective manner possible. 

ATEC is able to provide some security consulting free of charge as part of its PPT Security Review.

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