Sector Expertise

Much of the value that ATEC brings to security projects stems from its deep experience in multiple sectors and awareness of the specific challenges faced by each of them.

Sector relevant experience enables ATEC to bring a consultative approach and prior knowledge to security that de-risks and expedites complex, often mission critical projects.

Security in critical infrastructure, transportation, public space, tourist attractions, education, finance and multi-site commercial operations

  • ATEC works with multi-site organisations that require wider coverage and better organisational control.
  • ATEC delivers control rooms, IP networks, robustly integrated security systems and centralised management.
  • ATEC manages migration with minimal disruption.

Tailored, long life solutions with low total cost of ownership

ATEC delivers tailored, long life solutions with low total cost of ownership and demonstrable business benefits. Using our technical and project management expertise, we focus on understanding and meeting our customers' needs. Our relevant industry accreditations ensure compliance.

ATEC's business is split into specialised teams. The Design and Bid Team extrapolate clients' exact operational requirements and evaluate which legacy systems are viable so they can design a cost effective solution to fit budget needs. Our Major Projects Team comprises project managers and project engineers. Dedicated project managers take care of programme, budget and communications as well as managing third party accredited suppliers. The project engineers focus on system integration, greater performance and consistent quality, while documenting everything to help smooth future transitions. Our Fast Track Team combine the above skill sets to deliver smaller requirements with a single point of contact.

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