Innovations from ATEC Security


Leading security through innovation

  • IP networked systems allow customers to benefit from their existing communications investment, providing maximum flexibility and value as their needs change and grow.
  • Our middleware, Guardlink®, allows us to seamless integrate disparate CCTV and security subsystems into a centrally controlled security management platform driven through a single Graphical User Interface.
  • Situations Management solutions (also known as PSIM) take security management to the next level collating events into a holistic view and guiding operators through a defined workflow.

ATEC embraces new technologies

We are a company that thrives on innovation. Our team embraces new technologies and strives to make each project successful through the application of our comprehensive technical skill. Our customers benefit from ATEC's continuous research and technological development, and know us to be at the ‘cutting edge’.

Our advice and guidance is essential in helping sustomers to make the right decisions for today’s needs and tomorrow’s requirements. Our attention to detail, at every level, is expected and relied upon.

ATEC offers genuinely innovative thinking

We believe that our personable, human approach enables us to offer genuinely innovative thinking to our customers.

Cultivating strong working partnerships means that we can assert our individuality as an independent company. We believe this is what differentiates us from larger competitors who are caged by process rather than free to devise bespoke, best-fit solutions.