Free People Process and Technology Security Review

User Needs AnalysisSometimes Project Heads, or indeed our customers, need to review their current security and process systems to identify either potential risks or upgrade requirements, or to prioritise the coming years’ budgets and investments to maintain performance levels, meet emerging integration and convergence requirements, or meet potential new threats.

ATEC's approach is to look at people, process and technology to ensure that they work together to optimise the security and business interests of an organisation.

ATEC’s lengthy, specialised experience and consulting capability enables it to give pro bono advice on many of today’s security and integration trends in specific public and private sectors.

If you subsequently want to commission a formal system health check, again, ATEC’s experience and industry knowledge enable it to draw on in-house knowledge, data and security best practice insight to provide comprehensive yet cost-effective reports and recommendations for just about any type of environment or industry sector.

Whether you want to assess the performance of a specific system component to ensure that it is still fit for purpose, or are looking for a comprehensive overview of your estate, ATEC can help you measure current performance and recommend future options.

Our aim is to ensure that integrated security installations create value not only by delivering robust security, but also by working with other systems to deliver staff performance benefits, better customer experience, enhanced business intelligence and commercial advantage.

The offer of free consultancy is often just a smokescreen for sales. ATEC’s consultative approach is different and is one of the key reasons that customers choose to partner with us in enduring relationships.

Get in touch to talk about your potential security review requirements.

Because ATEC is constantly looking for opportunities to innovate we can afford to take a genuine interest in finding the best solution for our customers – even if it’s not in our current portfolio.

  • Cost, benefits, risks and viability of projects can be explored in detail without commitment or expense.
  • The significant costs associated with engaging and briefing consultants can be avoided.
  • As our understanding of your business grows, we can turn even a verbal briefing into a comprehensive solution proposal.
  • ATEC’s consultancy is backed-up by our R&D facilities. Unlike consultants, we can trial solutions before we recommend them.

 “ATEC has the ability and excel at taking a broad outline for what we need and turning it into a solution, without lots of work at our end.”
Chris Wilson, Control Centre Manager, Birmingham Airport (August 2014). Client since 2009.