Industry and Security Sector Expertise

Security and Industry Sectors

ATEC has a wealth of experience working in many industry sectors and with government departments.

ATEC’s consulting services and project portfolio cover a wide range of solutions in critical infrastructure, public space, tourist venues, commercial buildings, business parks, commercial sites and high-risk government locations.

ATEC Sector - Museums, Galleries, Tourist Venue Security

Museums, Galleries and Tourist Attractions

Museums and high-footfall public venues require security solutions that both protect and allow access to displays and attractions.
ATEC Sector - Urban traffic Control Management Systems

Urban Traffic Control

Integrated urban traffic control and highways systems to reduce OPEX and CAPEX costs and keep traffic on the move safely.
ATEC Sector - Airport Security Systems Integration | ATEC Security Ltd.

Airports Security

ATEC’s airport security solutions protect passengers, staff and aircraft, and facilitate airport operations.
ATEC Sector - Railways | Rail transportation security

Railways Security

ATEC works with railway operators to protect and manage their vast, busy real estates.
ATEC Sector - Ports and Maritime security systems

Ports and Maritime Security

Ports and maritime environments face specific security challenges involving people (staff, crew, suppliers, passengers), property, processes and assets.
ATEC Sector - Government and Law enforcement security specialists

Government and Law enforcement

ATEC works with Government and Law Enforcement Agencies, Border Control, Homeland Security and the police throughout the UK.
ATEC Sector - Public Space Surveillance and CCTV Cameras | ATEC Security Ltd.

Public Space Security

ATEC delivers turn-key control rooms and estate-wide security systems to monitor public spaces.
ATEC Sector - Multi-Site Commercial Operations and Solutions | ATEC Security Ltd.

Multi-site Commercial Operations

Multi-site commercial operations require a meticulous approach with exacting standards to ensure numerous security systems are robustly integrated.
ATEC Sector - Distribution and Logistics Security

Distribution and Logistics Security

Logistics and distribution present the combined security challenges of securing people, property and assets in fixed and moving locations.
ATEC Sector - Facilities and Property Management

Facilities and Property Management

Facility and property management companies require a broad range of security solutions to monitor and protect staff, visitors, buildings and assets.
ATEC Sector - Critical Infrastructure Protection | ATEC Security Ltd

Critical National Infrastructure Security

ATEC works on critical infrastructure projects involving highways, railways, airports and city centres.
ATEC Sector - Business Park Security Systems

Business and Technology Parks

Business and Technology Park solutions include infrastructure development, civil works, surveillance and barrier systems.