Integrated Security Management

Intergrated security managmentUnified security management system

We use our middleware, Guardlink®, to integrate client's CCTV and security subsystems seamlessly into a centrally controlled security management system that is driven through a single graphical user interface for ease of use.

The ATEC advantage: in-house integration resources

ATEC developed Guardlink® in order to take full control in a security world of burgeoning legacy systems and proliferating new platforms. Our in-house programming capability and patented middleware enable us to offer customers more control and flexibility. By taking full control of the integration process, ATEC has overcome the need to rely on manufacturers to contribute to solutions. ATEC has proven its ability to design and integrate systems where no previous solution was available.

Make Informed and consistent decisions

Integrating security systems into a single platform designed to respond to alerts presents video footage and other information to security personnel in a consistent fashion. This helps to inform decisions as an incident unfolds and minimises risk. By design, all information leaves a unified 'events' audit trail so it will not be lost even as personnel change shifts.

Quickly locate evidence

IP integration allows us to transmit more complex information between systems; such as names of personnel and vehicle registration plates. Footage is tagged with metadata and can be quickly accessed to support decision making and present as evidence in a court of law.

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