NetworksA combined approach allows flexibility and ultimately best value

Security and especially CCTV can place high bandwidth demands on any network. We work with customers to ensure that our systems work effectively on their infrastructure. If the infrastructure is not suitable, then we can build robust segregated and secure LAN, Wireless and WAN networks with firewalled links to a customer’s infrastructure.

Security LAN

We design and implement separate security local area networks for customers, including structured cabling and layer two and three switching with controlled communication within our customer’s corporate network if appropriate.


We make innovative use of wireless technologies by combining licensed and “lite” licensed frequencies to extend large campus or metropolitan area networks with maximum flexibility. Our point to point mesh solution offers high resilience and low running costs for city surveillance.


Working with a wide range of telecoms providers with whom we have existing relationships, we can build and manage cost effective WAN networks for customers. These include fibre products such as leased line as well as more cost effective copper-based technologies such as ADSL and Local Loop Unbundling (LLU).