Frequently asked questions

Can ATEC provide guaranteed repair times?
Depending on accessibility and the availability of contract spares and ATEC can offer guaranteed repair times for most systems.

Can ATEC provide spares management for my site?
If a stock of spares is purchased by the client then these spares remain the property of the client and an ATEC support contract includes for the management of these spares. Any parts used will either be replaced with new components or with a repaired component removed from the client's site.

Can I track the progress of the case?
Users of the ATEC Web Portal can log in and track the progress of cases assigned to just themselves, or the associated contract as a whole. If required users can also receive email notifications of case open and closed status.

Do I have a dedicated account manager?
All ATEC contracts come with a dedicated account manager who is able to provide consultancy services, regular system reviews and advice on the best security option for you.

Does ATEC offer 24hr support?
The ATEC helpdesk operates 24/7 365 days of the year, with fully qualified on-call engineers available should you require their assistance.

Does ATEC offer any remote monitoring or management services?
Depending on the system installed ATEC can offer remote monitoring to pre-warn of many scenarios from camera video loss to over-temperature warnings and hard drive errors. ATEC's remote management and monitoring capabilities mean that an engineer can potentially be notified of a system error, log in and repair the fault before the end user is even aware of its existence.

How can an ATEC Support contract keep my system updated with the latest software releases?
Where the installed system includes upgradeable software or firmware components then ATEC's technology refresh programme allows clients to take advantage of additional functionality and ensures that their solution remains up to date and fully supportable.

How do I log faults with the support team?
Faults can be logged using the unique ATEC Self Service Web Portal, which is included as standard on all contracts, along with phone and email 24/7, 365 days of the year.

How often does ATEC carry out preventative maintenance?
All standard Support & Maintenance contracts include for 2 preventative maintenance visits per annum but this is negotiable to suit your needs.

If ATEC didn't install my security system, can you still maintain it?
In most cases ATEC can take over a system originally installed by others and provide support and maintenance to the same high standard as on our own equipment.

What areas do you cover?
ATEC has offices in the Midlands and London, as well as partner companies in Dublin and engineers based all over England.

What if I don't want to take out a fixed term contract?
ATEC can offer 'pay-as-you-go' support services if this suits your business need, from preventative maintenance visits to fault rectification and supply of additional equipment.

What is involved in preventative maintenance?
- Check and maintain the mechanical aspects of a system such as moving parts or weather seals.
- Clean system components, particularly if they are exposed to the elements.
- Test the functionality and operation of the system against a schedule. This can highlight problems that may have gone unnoticed by the users. This maintenance reduces system down-time and the need for call-outs and replacement equipment. A report will be produced following each maintenance visit to confirm any issues found and how they have been addressed.

What support packages can ATEC offer?
There are three broad options for support and maintenance: Warranty, Support and Maintenance Contract, and Ad-Hoc Support.

Every ATEC installed system comes with a 12 month parts and labour warranty which starts at the date of commissioning. Where a project is commissioned in phases the warranty will be phased accordingly. Many clients opt for a support and maintenance agreement from the date of commissioning because they require an enhanced service level agreement, particularly if their business operates outside normal working hours, or security is considered mission critical. Some clients take out a support and maintenance contract once the initial 12 month standard warranty has expired. A support and maintenance contract provides access to enhanced service options. ATEC can also specifically tailor a support package to suit your requirement, please contact the ATEC Support team for more information.