Training - from systems training to refresher courses

Consultancy and TrainingTraining in the use of ATEC systems or manufacturers' products is of course a natural part of our work to ensure that customers get maximum value from their security investments.

Pre-project orientation and post-project proficiency training are standard project deliveries.

As part of the drive to make sure that customers stay current with product development and/or maintain high in-house skills levels, ATEC offers train-the-trainer options, new joiner training, top-up training and refresher courses.

Though ATEC provides support services when expert skills are called for, we also want to make sure that in-house skills remain high so that customers are self sufficient and in full control of their systems.

Our training blends theory, on-site hands-on training and off-site induction, as required.

Please get in touch if you have a security training enquiry.