ATEC Announces New Partnership with TYCO C-Cure

ATEC is delighted to announce that we have been accepted as an approved dealer for TYCO C-Cure 9000.


“The Software House Dealer Certification Program is one of the industry’s most rigorous technical certification programs, designed to ensure that only the most highly trained security integrators install and support Software House solutions.”



Despite the entry onto the Software House Dealership being new, ATEC in fact has significant experience with the product. In 2017 an existing global corporate client required their worldwide offices to introduce C-Cure in line with the system in place at their US headquarters. Due to the nature of our relationship with the client, the fact that we had provided excellent customer service and satisfaction over the previous years, the client requested that we integrate the system, in the full knowledge that we had, at that time, no knowledge of the product.


Over the last 6 months ATEC has carried out a full replacement of our clients  access control infrastructure in the UK (6 sites), Holland (1 site) and India (1 site) with C-CURE 9000.


Having had a lot of exposure to the platform, ATEC’s engineering and project team are suitably impressed with the product and as a company we took the decision to enter the Software House Dealer Certification Program.

This will enable us to offer C-Cure 9000 to existing and new clients.

Before being certified and admitted into the program, integrators must have established procedures and a proven operating infrastructure. They must demonstrate a strong commitment to customer satisfaction by providing the following:

  • 24/7 coverage to the end user
  • Testing and diagnostics capabilities
  • Remote/on-site troubleshooting resources
  • CAD or equivalent drawing and design capabilities
  • Adequate in-house supply inventory


Trusting your security installation to an integrator should not be a leap of faith. It should be based on sound, indisputable facts. Our integrators combine a proven performance record with staying on top of the latest innovations in security to provide the best service available. Each integrator has a history of customer satisfaction”