ATEC- Protecting your Team through Covid19

Staff absences either through illness or the fear of illness can cause major disruption to any business.  In these challenging times it is a business imperative to not only keep staff safe but also to ensure that they feel safe coming to work and staying in work.

In April ATEC installed our first fever screening thermographic solution for a long-standing food manufacturing client.  The initial evaluation of this installation has been so successful that we are rolling out the technology to all twelve of its UK facilities.  ATEC  has been asked for similar systems for our airport clients, estate management clients and manufacturing companies.

The system employs a combination of existing technologies including, advanced facial imaging, thermographic technology, AI and integration with the access control systems. Skin surface temperature is automatically measured as a subject passes, and if fever is detected, entry for the subject is denied and an alarm raised.  AI algorithms and facial recognition work to ensure false alarms from other heat sources are reduced.

Multiple individuals can be scanned simultaneously and it takes just one second to detect skin surface temperature with an accuracy  ±.3°C (we’ve seen better than this in testing.) In addition the non-contact nature of the measurement ensures the safety of all staff.

The system can also be designed to detect the presence of face masks were your company or indeed the government to decide that this would better protect staff.   In addition, advanced people counting measures can be provided to ensure that appropriate social distancing can be maintained within a room or building.

Contact Kris Simons today to enquire how our expertise can support your business to get back to full capacity while keeping your team and customers safe.