Case Study

Area 9

Area 9, Highways England, is a model of how innovative technology solutions can improve security and operations, keeping our assets, staff and customers safe, streamlining processes and creating measurable Return on Investment (ROI).

It is a solution that meets operational needs today but designed to meet the challenges of the future. During 2009, Area 9 experienced high volumes of theft (£0.5m) resulting in 13 depots requiring expensive manned-guards and access control was uncoordinated.

Security within Area 9 has evolved to an extent that access to any depot can be controlled locally and remotely, all gates are fully automated and door access is protected with a camera intercom system. All perimeters can be monitored by one guard remotely and that guard is supported by crisp digital footage and a state of the art analytics system.

By working diligently together Highways England and Atec have harnessed the power of technology to ensure vital and necessary protection for all depots through smooth operational change.