Case Study

ATEC Protecting Heritage Buildings

The National Theatre, The Science Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Royal Shakespeare  Company, all buildings of architectural significance and all trust ATEC to provide cutting edge security solutions whilst respecting the unique aesthetics and conservation needs of the properties.

ATEC, with our extensive experience in the heritage market and our in-house expertise is uniquely placed to provide security solutions for buildings of architectural significance.

“From the moment the contract is awarded” says Peter Stevens, ATEC heritage expert, “we work closely with the conservation manager and ensure they are happy and comfortable with every addition and alteration we make. We respect the building and it’s architectural significance.”

There are a number of unique aspects to how ATEC undertakes work in heritage buildings that ensures we have the complete trust of the conservation officers and marks us out as leaders in the field.

1 Consult and confirm.

AT ATEC we appreciated the architectural significance of heritage buildings.  We understand the concerns and fears held by conservation officers that work may ruin the aesthetic of these beautiful buildings or worse may cause irreparable harm. That is why we work so closely with the conservation officers at every stage of the project and ensure that they are clear and comfortable with all work before it begins. In fact each camera’s location, method of mounting, camera and mounting colour is agreed with the onsite conservation manager before installation.

“The stand out factor in ATEC’s work was the quality of its initial documentation which showed a thorough understanding of our needs and the technology and integration required. Their documentation was crystal clear, site specific and very usable. They then demonstrated a willingness and capability to make the project to upgrade and integrate our security systems the best it could possibly be. As challenges emerged, ATEC were able to resolve them or work with us to resolve them. Overall, I am absolutely delighted.”
Stuart Craik, Head of Security at the Natural History Museum


2 3D models

To ensure the conservation officer fully understands the planned work ATEC uniquely develops 3D models of each camera in location so there is a clear visual representation of the proposed work.  This enables the conservation officer to have complete confidence that the robust security solution provided does not detract from the aesthetics of the building.

3 Bracket Design

Our in-house engineers will design each bracket for each camera.  This design is approved by the conservation officer before being manufactured and then is coloured to the exact specifications of the conservation officer.  For our recent project with the National Theatre, not one bracket was ‘off-the-shelf’.  Each bracket was designed, approved, manufactured and coloured to ensure that it integrated seamlessly with its surroundings.

4 Powder coated cameras

In addition to unique brackets, ATEC also will provide camera casing of any colour specified.  This again ensure that the security solution remains unobtrusive.  The beauty and integrity of the building is unaffected while the staff and customers are kept safe.

5 Flexibility

At ATEC we understand that buildings with a rich heritage are often busy tourist attractions.  Working in a public space with a high footfall presents its own challenges. ATEC understands the commercial needs of museums and galleries and work around visitor times and corporate evening events.  At the Science museum  ATEC integrated multiple legacy systems and analogue cameras into a CCTV- over-IP network over a sixteen week period, managed all sub-contractors and ensured, as requested, that there were no more than three engineers on site at any time to minimise disruption.  At the National Theatre, engineers began work at 5am to ensure performances were not affected.


Working around the constraints of a public building ATEC familiarised themselves with how our existing systems were used, identified and implemented improvement, and then future- proofed the integration for future roll-out across all NMSI sites.

JC Stroud – Project Manager Science Museum


This approach ensures that ATEC is the preferred and trusted security provider for heritage buildings including museums, theatres, and universities across the UK.