Case Study

De Montfort University

With 160 universities and a further 700 listed bodies, the UK has a well-deserved reputation worldwide for providing high-quality and well-respected further and higher education. This busy, populous sector is also the subject of security advice from the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO), which considers student safety increasingly at risk. According to NaCTSO, terrorists continue to target crowded places because they have limited protective security measures and the potential for mass fatalities and casualties.


However, physical security extends well beyond stopping human intruders. It encompasses site management across heating, cooling, fire suppression systems, and power backup. It also extends to comprehensive access control throughout a campus, for both personnel and vehicles.


There are a number of challenges unique to the education in todays world.

  •   Increasingly the boundaries of universities are eroding as they become more involved with their community. Campus extension drives the need for more sophisticated systems and greater identity management.
  •   Campuses over decades have evolved to become a mix of rich architectural heritage and modern designs, which must all be covered by building control regulations.
  •  With students, staff and contractors on different timetables, campus buildings and grounds encounter varying occupancy levels, which can present challenges for access control and management.


ATEC took all this into consideration when working with De Montfort University over the past number of years. De Montfort University (DMU) is a thriving university in the Midlandsthat is home to more than 20,000 students and academic and operations staff.

ATEC supported DMU with the specification and implementation of camera systems to monitor and protect the campus. CCTV DVR and MDR control is centralised to enable security operators to track people around campus, identify events and deploy university security staff rapidly when needed. Being an inner city campus,

the university is also able extend its service to a park area on behalf of the local council.

ATEC act as an advisor to DMU and help with planning for future needs, as well as providing planned and preventative maintenance.


 “ATEC are really good. We needed a robust system that is easy to manage, which ATEC has helped to provide. Plus, they are very responsive and their Fast Track service, in particular, gives us good pricing.”

Neil Hunt, Senior Buildings Services Technician DMU