Case Study

First Capital Connect

First Capital Connect (FCC) is one of the UK’s busiest rail networks with 150,000 customers travelling through every day.  In July 2007, ATEC was selected to upgrade the existing CCTV to an IP-based video surveillance, recording and transmission system. ATEC had eight months to install a future proof security system that would centrally monitor 95 percent of FCC surveillance cameras across 63 stations.


The challenge was to integrate 1,194 CCTV-over-IP cameras into an existing wide area network with finite bandwidth and to provide enough redundant storage to house the increased levels of data flowing through the system. Additionally, a process to allow the British Transport Police to remove hard devices for evidential purposes without impacting critical safety procedures was required.


Limited space at the stations prevented the old and new systems working in parallel and the strict security and safety requirements of a rail environment needed to be adhered to at all times. There was no room for errors and the solution had to work from the onset


Using the existing wide area network, ATEC expertly integrated disparate legacy systems into a centrally controlled security management system, designed to expand in line with rail network growth.


1,194 CCTV-over-IP cameras were installed to capture and feed evidential quality footage from 63 train stations into a centralised monitoring control room at Enfield.


Bandwidth ceilings were applied for individual cameras, as were restrictions on the number concurrently viewed or reviewed from each station, to prevent strain on the network.


A dedicated server with six terabytes of onboard storage and several hard drives held in an accessible server chassis provide the backbone to the system.


Additionally, 470 terabytes of redundant storage allow the one billion plus images recorded on a daily basis to be quickly accessed and retrieved for a 31 day period.


The continuity issue raised by the removal of hard drives by police has been resolved by building a ten minute window to install new hard   drives whilst the server simultaneously records and re- builds the RAID storage array.


From procurement through to completion of our system, ATEC proved to be a professional, proactive and honest partner. With a depth of industry knowledge and technical expertise, combined with top-level project management skills, the team were able to deliver a highly technical system within a tight timeframe.


Belen Martinez, Projects Director,

First Capital Connect