Case Study

London & Cambridge Properties

London and Cambridge Properties (LCP) is one of the UK’s largest private owners of industrial and retail property having an extensive property portfolio in excess of 14  million square feet.

The old CCTV system was reaching the end of its useful life. Although it had been upgraded recently with digital recording technology, the site was only partially covered, the image quality was poor  and night vision capability was very limited. Furthermore all the existing cabling was in cable ducts and over the years these had become worn exacerbating the problem of poor quality images. Due to the high cost and disruptive nature of civil works, duct repair was considered to be inappropriate and too expensive.

The site is bounded by open ground with a public right of way, a residential area, footpaths and roads. Of the existing 50+ tenants on this industrial/retail site, including a large supermarket, petrol station and car parks, many had their own security arrangements to deter vandalism and theft.

To develop the wireless aspect of this solution, ATEC used point-to-point line of sight links and point-to-multipoint wireless transmission equipment to get around the taller buildings and trees on the site. For some of the cameras that do not have line of sight, wireless receivers located 25 metres high on a camera column in the centre of the site act as relay points for the video streams.

Images from the cameras are recorded in real time around the clock on a high resolution 1.5 TB Network Video Recorder which has a capacity for over 30 days storage.

Because each NVR can act as a back-up for the other, resilience is assured. Redundant PSU’s and network port capabilities provide further reassurance of the system’s resilience. The system has been designed to provide virtually unlimited expansion and integration with other security applications such as intruder, fire etc. The system is also able to support two-way audio.

As the site is further developed and new tenants occupy the site, LCP can offer tenants the ability to integrate their security system into the overall LCP system – at a lower cost by adding an IP camera, wireless transmission and control centre software.


“ATEC helps LCP to better serve its tenants. Being in a position to offer tenants a leading CCTV system gives us a competitive edge in a very competitive market.  The ATEC solution creatively and intelligently solved a very difficult problem we were facing, the images are of excellent quality and the wireless communication method saved us over £100,000 in potential civil and ducting costs. We are delighted with ATEC, the attention to detail and the performance of the ATEC solution”


Richard Allen, Building Services Manager at LCP,