Crown Commercial Services Framework Success

We are delighted to announce that ATEC has been successful in securing a place on the new CCS FM Workplace Services Framework, more specifically on Lot 1b – Technical Security. The framework will provide extensive tender opportunities and will also offer public sector bodies a simplified route to market. A framework comprises a description of common public sector requirements, a list of suppliers who have been evaluated as capable of delivering the requirements, and standardised contract terms. Frameworks are often divided into lots, typically by product or service type. ATEC are one of only 17 suppliers allocated a place on the technical security lot, which offers both national and regional coverage to customers.

This agreement provides access to:

  • specialist security suppliers for the provision of both physical and technical security
  • housing management and maintenance services
  • specialist defence FM and housing services (for defence customers only.)


Procurement regulations oblige public sector bodies to tender (seek bids) from suppliers when they want to buy goods and services above a certain value. Buying through CCS complies with procurement regulations and also simplifies the process for buyers.

The benefits for our clients are

  • Reduction in procurement resource needs
  • Regional lot structure means you can procure services locally
  • It is mandatory for all suppliers to comply with CPNI and NSCS guidance for security
  • CCS reviews suppliers regularly ensuring quality and compliance
  • Contracts include performance management, obliging suppliers to improve value and service over time.
  • Contracts comply with public sector procurement regulations.
  • Standardised contract terms reduce administration.
  • Free to use for public sector and third sector organisations.


CCS supports the UK public sector to save money when buying common goods and services.

We look forward working with public sector clients both new and existing through this framework.