FastTrack renamed Business as Usual Projects

Our team formally known as FastTrack has been renamed Business as Usual (BAU) Projects to better reflect the true nature of the work service manager Adrian Grey and his team do.

In the past BAU Projects has delivered  projects valued from £20 to £80,000.  It offers a one-stop-shop for clients wishing to adapt, amend or alter their existing provision or for clients where the specifications do not require a design engineer or dedicated project manager.  This lean approach to project delivery means that clients receive first class service in the most cost-effective manner possible. It also ensures the service is responsive and can manage time-critical projects effectively.

Our clients particularly value the fact that this team provides a consistent point of contact throughout the delivery of the project, from initial enquiry through to completion.  Uniquely the BAU team has no sales people employed.  “Everyone on my team is technical” explains Adrian Grey, “we like to solve problems and offer solutions that meet need as cost efficiently as possible.”

Contact our BAU Projects team for any moves or amends or changes you might need on 03300 58 00 50.