Guaranteed Response Time – The Risks are all Yours.

Our Service and Support manager Chris Rich explains why clients should not be seduced by a fixed response time which is the industry norm and often a client’s expectation.


“With a guaranteed response time, the client takes all of the risk, the security provider very little.” states Chris, “any company can estimate journey time to site, employ a cheap local subcontractor and with very little input and minimal risk they guarantee an engineer on site within a specified time-frame.  They meet the terms of the contract while the client may still have to wait weeks for the item to be fixed and the quality of the final work is outside the control of both the security provider and the client”

For ATEC clients this is not suitable in many instances, for our clients security is mission-critical and they cannot accept a lengthy delay and an uninterested subcontractor.


At ATEC, while we do, where appropriate, offer a guaranteed response time, we can also offer something very different– a guaranteed fix-time.  This can be as short a time-frame as 8 hours (as is the case with our service and support for elements of The National Theatre).  With our guaranteed fix-time clients can rest assured that if a fault arises their system will be up and running with the minimal disruption and wait possible.

We do this because we take the time to understand our customers need, their business, how they work, their environment and their people.  What makes our customers unique is what drives our approach.

There are four cornerstones in place within ATEC that makes this offering possible, explains Chris Rich.

1) Expert Team

Staff within ATEC are trained to be product experts.  In-house we have experts in all of the products our supply chain partners (Flir, Lenel, Gallagher etc.) provide.  Our clients can be confident that the engineer that turns up on site has an in-depth knowledge of the technology and the product.

2)Strong Supply Chain Relationships

ATEC has excellent relationships with all of our supply chain partners and we ensure that we obtain the highest level of support possible through them for our clients.

3) In-House Engineers 

Our security engineers are in-house and ATEC employees.  This means we can guarantee their expertise and the excellent quality of their work.  We take responsibility for the final outcome and do not hide behind poor sub-contractors.  The solution will carry the ATEC name and the ATEC quality.

4) Comprehensive Spares Reserve

Where a guaranteed fix-time is a necessity ATEC ensures that a comprehensive reserve of spares is maintained to ensure that an engineer gets to site with the part required in-hand and a client does not have to wait for it to be delivered from the supplier.

These key qualities of our Service and Support Team are the reason that after the standard 12 month maintenance contract lapses over 90% of our clients opt to stay with ATEC Support and Service.  Of those that try other companies, the vast majority of them will return to us.

“It is a service that I take personal pride in” summarises Chris, “I am proud to be the manager of the ATEC Service and Support team because I know our work is of the highest quality and am confident that our clients experience excellent customer service and professional support for their systems.”