In today’s world corporations both large and small are challenged with ever increasing threats and tasked with keeping assets, people and information secure from fire, fraud and direct attack.

Even the largest of corporations may not have their own premises and instead share buildings with other companies and be subject to existing security systems.  This provides unique security challenges as companies need to control access to their perimeters, their offices and limit access to security sensitive areas and information to designated personnel.

The right security solution can provide this and more.  Technology offers the opportunity to control access for a staff member based on their identity (through biometrics for example) rather than just the fact that they hold a card.  Tailgating is no longer possible and  integration with the HR system means that once employment terminates all access privileges are automatically cancelled.  The system can also become a source of useful data and provide the company with information such as building occupancy which will support more efficient use of space.

ATEC are trusted by large UK and European based corporations to provide security solutions that meet need today and are designed to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

“The research and development facility holds material of a confidential and sensitive nature and, as such, it is imperative that it is as secure as possible. ATEC has definitely achieved the very high security levels we set out at the beginning of the project. It was clear that ATEC spent a great deal of time and effort producing bespoke solutions to our complex specifications.”

Phil Pitcher – Project Manager, Ericsson

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