Public Safety

Police, local authorities and the government have one unifying priority- to keep the public safe.  In these times with seemingly continuous threats, the danger and risk has never seemed so real and present.

ATEC has been trusted by the City of Westminster, City of London Police, British Transport Police and Dublin City Council to provide advanced city-wide video surveillance, wireless networks and control rooms.  These are all integrated with existing security provision ensuring that the public and the environment is protected at all times and threats are minimised and contained.

 “It is reassuring to know that ATEC provides such a high level of after sales service. If there are any problems their expert engineers are on the scene quickly to resolve any issue. Cost-efficiency wise, it’s great to have the CCTV systems from all of our locations, centrally monitored and maintained by specialists.”

Peter Ryans – Services Manager at Lancaster Circus

The public made safe with ATEC

Case Studies

Birmingham City Council

In a bid to reduce and protect against crime in the city’s car parks, Birmingham City Council (BCC) embarked on a project to upgrade a number of parking facilities. Previously having no surveillance other than manned patrols, car parks including Moat Lane, Pershore Street and Livery Street were identified by...

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