CNL software is a world leading developer of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software designed for complete Integrated Situation Management.  CNL’s ‘IPSecurityCentre’ is the world’s most sophisticated and tried and trusted PSIM platform.  ATEC has invested heavily in the skills and training of our team and can offer our clients experts in both implementation and further on-going support of this PSIM platform.

“CNL Software has partnered with many technically astute and skilled integrators across the global security industry. Of those, we are very fortunate to have found a UK integrator of the calibre and experience of ATEC Fire & Security. From the senior management team to the technical delivery engineers, ATEC has embraced the concept of our PSIM product, IPSecurityCenter™, investing in the skills required to deliver Enterprise level projects. Together, we have successfully delivered some exciting projects to their demanding clients. We look forward to developing our relationship with them and discovering new joint opportunities for our award winning PSIM software“.

Keith Bloodworth – CEO, CNL Software

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