SilverNet  is a UK based manufacturing company specialising in the design of high performance wireless networking devices used by the police and local authorities.  ATEC have worked with Silvernet wireless technology to provide resilient security solutions and continued service and support of Silvernet technology for a number of local Authorities both in the UK and abroad.

“SilverNet are proud to be partners with ATEC who we consider to be our most advanced partner with the expertise and skill to do our technology justice.   Together, with our products and their expert integration we are able to provide an innovative and resilient solution that clients can rely on.”

Julie Stephenson – Business Relationships Manager SilverNet

Case Studies

Birmingham City Council

In a bid to reduce and protect against crime in the city’s car parks, Birmingham City Council (BCC) embarked on a project to upgrade a number of parking facilities. Previously having no surveillance other than manned patrols, car parks including Moat Lane, Pershore Street and Livery Street were identified by...

Northamptonshire County Council

ATEC saw a technology return on investment (ROI) opportunity in the Northampton UTC system and proposed a wireless alternative to the legacy system, removing the need to maintain more than 70 communication lines and offering far greater flexibility and scalability....

Area 9

Area 9, Highways England, is a model of how innovative technology solutions can improve security and operations, keeping our assets, staff and customers safe, streamlining processes and creating measurable Return on Investment (ROI)....

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