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Security Control Rooms (SCRs) form the hub of an organisation’s operation, continuously receiving information from a range of security staff and systems.  Normally the SCR is also the core of an organisation’s surveillance capability which means that the value created can go far beyond security into areas such as health and safety and operational efficiency.

For larger organisations a centralised control room provides measurable ROI with technology underpinning improvements in both consistency and efficiency.

An effective control room operation should be able to enhance security through pro-active monitoring and effective reactive responses.

Effective responses reduce harm, so the technology in a control room should highlight exceptions and the give staff the tools to manage those exceptions effectively.  During a security incident, the operator needs to be able to answer two key questions: what happened, and what’s happening now so the timely presentation of live and replayed video is a key component of ATEC’s control room design strategy.

Another key component is the integration of systems in order to simplify the operator interface, reducing the time for new staff to be effective and enabling more flexibility in roles and staffing.  In addition to the powerful capabilities of integration platforms offered by our partners ATECs own middleware Guardlink gives us more control over the integration process where required.

ATEC’s focus on understanding your business means that false alarms are minimised, operational performance is enhanced, expensive manned guarding is reduced and the system delivers return on investment.  Our expert Service and Support are on-hand post project delivery to ensure the solution supports your business into the future.

 “The City of London Police has always prided itself on being at the very cutting edge of technology. We have shown the system to other Police forces who have been impressed by what we have and what we can achieve.”

David Warr – Project Manager

Case Studies

Birmingham City Council

In a bid to reduce and protect against crime in the city’s car parks, Birmingham City Council (BCC) embarked on a project to upgrade a number of parking facilities. Previously having no surveillance other than manned patrols, car parks including Moat Lane, Pershore Street and Livery Street were identified by...

First Capital Connect

First Capital Connect (FCC) is one of the UK’s busiest rail networks with 150,000 customers travelling through every day.  In July 2007, ATEC was selected to upgrade the existing CCTV to an IP-based video surveillance, recording and transmission system. ATEC had eight months to install a future proof security system...

Science Museum

Working around the constraints of a public building ATEC familiarised themselves with how our existing systems were used, identified and implemented improvement, and then future- proofed the integration for future roll-out across all NMSI sites. JC Stroud – Project Manager Science Museum Working in a public space, with a footfall...

Natural History Museum

"The stand out factor in ATEC’s work was the quality of its initial documentation which showed a thorough understanding of our needs and the technology and integration required." Stuart Craik, Head of Security at the Natural History Museum...

ATEC at Birmingham Airport

“The quality of ATEC’s design, installation and integration is outstanding. Improved visibility across the airport coupled with superior security control enables our team to provide the highest level of operational performance possible. Critically, ATEC was able to integrate the back-track solution with our remote control room whereas competitors could only...

Area 9

Area 9, Highways England, is a model of how innovative technology solutions can improve security and operations, keeping our assets, staff and customers safe, streamlining processes and creating measurable Return on Investment (ROI)....

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