All security systems collect and transmit data and over the last decade IP networks have become dominant in this role due to their flexibility and greater affordability.

At the same time the security threats to IP networks are increasing, and effectively addressing vulnerabilities is becoming ever-more critical.  ATECs expertise means that we are careful to address vulnerabilities both at the design stage and through ongoing expert support including anti-virus, device patching, and firewall configuration and effective password policies.

Security and especially CCTV can place high bandwidth demands on any network, so it makes sense to assign responsibility for the design deployment and support of these networks to a specialist who understands those demands.

Working across metropolitan, regional, national and global estates for our clients means that we can combine client-owned and rented infrastructure, procuring suitable external circuits where necessary and integrating these into a turn-key solution.

ATEC is at the forefront of wireless network design, deployment and support, providing cost effective and resilient infrastructure to support mission critical security and surveillance applications.

“ATEC solution creatively and intelligently solved a very difficult problem we were facing, the images are of excellent quality and the wireless communication method saved us over £100,000 in potential civil and ducting costs. We are delighted with ATEC, the attention to detail and the performance of the ATEC CCTV solution”.

Richard Allen – Building Services Manager at London Cambridge Properties

Below are a selection of the customers who trust ATEC to design, implement and maintain their network.

Case Studies

London & Cambridge Properties

London and Cambridge Properties (LCP) is one of the UK’s largest private owners of industrial and retail property having an extensive property portfolio in excess of 14  million square feet. The old CCTV system was reaching the end of its useful life. Although it had been upgraded recently with digital...

First Capital Connect

First Capital Connect (FCC) is one of the UK’s busiest rail networks with 150,000 customers travelling through every day.  In July 2007, ATEC was selected to upgrade the existing CCTV to an IP-based video surveillance, recording and transmission system. ATEC had eight months to install a future proof security system...

Assessment and Qualifications Alliance

ATEC’s work in Harrogate, Camberley and at two sites in Manchester, has included a range of technologies to ensure effective facilities management and traffic flow, as well as the protection of examination resources....

Science Museum

Working around the constraints of a public building ATEC familiarised themselves with how our existing systems were used, identified and implemented improvement, and then future- proofed the integration for future roll-out across all NMSI sites. JC Stroud – Project Manager Science Museum Working in a public space, with a footfall...

Northamptonshire County Council

ATEC saw a technology return on investment (ROI) opportunity in the Northampton UTC system and proposed a wireless alternative to the legacy system, removing the need to maintain more than 70 communication lines and offering far greater flexibility and scalability....

ATEC at Birmingham Airport

“The quality of ATEC’s design, installation and integration is outstanding. Improved visibility across the airport coupled with superior security control enables our team to provide the highest level of operational performance possible. Critically, ATEC was able to integrate the back-track solution with our remote control room whereas competitors could only...

Area 9

Area 9, Highways England, is a model of how innovative technology solutions can improve security and operations, keeping our assets, staff and customers safe, streamlining processes and creating measurable Return on Investment (ROI)....

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