Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging cameras detect infra-red frequencies instead of visible light.  This results in high-contrast display of human targets, offers immunity to changing light conditions and superior performance in difficult environmental conditions such as rain and fog.

These characteristics make thermal imaging highly suitable for use with video analytics (offering lower false alarm rates and increased detection probability), or for situations where surveillance needs to be covert or unobtrusive.

The technology’s main weakness is that thermal imaging cameras typically do not offer subject identification.

ATEC is able to combine thermal and visible light technologies in the same camera providing the best of both worlds.

ATEC has also developed special applications using thermographic cameras (tightly calibrated to render specific temperatures at predictable colour hues).

“Following the upgrade there has been a transformation in our CCTV capability which is reflected in the view of our stakeholders”

Jason Bamforth – ICT Director, London City Airport

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