Engineering Heart, Pioneering Spirit.

Designing solutions that go beyond security, understanding your needs today and preparing your business for the challenges of tomorrow.

Integrated security is the last thing we do.

ATEC Fire and Security is at the forefront of integrated security, but this is not where we start.

With over thirty years experience as a specialist in the security of public space and commercial operations, our business model has evolved to see beyond immediate requirements to discover need. We have the confidence to take the time to see your world from a new perspective, offering insights to deliver long term successful solutions.

We harness technology to meet the ambitions of our clients, deeply understanding the potential of security to keep not only assets and customers safe but also to protect and promote our client’s brand and reputation. Following project completion we provide a support service which is second to none.  Our engineers are in-house ensuring they are experts in the technology deployed and are already familiar with the bespoke solution provided.  Our clients can be assured that the solution provided continues to add value into the future.

ATEC is different. Uniquely ATEC invested time and effort to understand our specific need, delivering a flexible solution that meets our operational requirements now and in the future.

Karl Gibbs
Corporate Security Manager / Worldpay

Introducing the ATEC Rule of Four

A proven process, methodology and roadmap to meaningful partnerships in fire and security.

Our Partners

Our reputation as innovators in systems integration has attracted strategic technology partners of an unrivalled quality.

We are the trusted by the best in security because they know their product is safe in our expertise and that their reputation is enhanced through our design and delivery.

Together with our partners we turn complex security requirements in strategic business advantage. Our solutions transform legacy hardware into sources of valuable new data, going beyond security to provide all the assured intelligence you need.

Our clients can feel safe, knowing they have the highest quality product coupled with the best integration.

Our Solutions

ATEC rises to the challenge and thrives where the problem is complex.  For our clients we offer the following solutions.

ATEC is Different

ATEC’s dedication to being the best fire and security integrator leads to extensive in-house research and development and results in four unique selling points.  No other security company comes close.


Our in-house developed and solely owned middle-ware guarantees our clients greater flexibility in integration. This is not available from any other security company


In-house developed suite of online apps, gives our clients complete oversight of all work scheduled and planned. ATEC records everything, measures everything and reports everything. We guarantee complete transparency. This is not offered by any other security company

Guaranteed Fix Time

Other companies offer a guaranteed response time. Our clients need to know when the system is operational not when an engineer arrives on site. That is the reason ATEC offer a guaranteed fix time.

Asset Intelligence

ATEC recognised that overtime systems are added to and changed leading to a lack of clarity for clients. ATEC offers an Asset Intelligence report, which maps all assets and records key information in one place, from the day of purchase throughout the lifecycle. ATEC maintain this database of assets for our clients guaranteeing complete oversight and control.