Automatic Number plate recognition (ANPR) systems use the vehicle registration mark (VRM) as the credential to identify a vehicle, and potentially an associated driver through reference to either a private or government database.

ATEC has provided ANPR solutions to police forces for law enforcement purposes (including the City of London’s “ring of steel”), to large campuses to manage parking fees and abuses and to city and local authorities to support traffic management.

ANPR offers an opportunity to capture data, for example on frequency of use and duration of stay, but operators need to bear in mind that a VRM, when combined with other data such as name and address constitutes personally identifiable information which falls under GDPR.

In access control applications ANPR offers a high degree of convenience for the user (VRMs can be read whilst the vehicle is mobile), and for the operator (VRMs do not need to be distributed to the user and have no cost), however in security terms the vehicle registration mark (VRM) is an identity credential which is easily copied.  For high-security access applications ANPR should be combined with other credentials such as long-range card technology to be effective.

With years of experience in ANPR, ATEC is well-placed to advise on the appropriate design, deployment and on-going support  of ANPR solutions and will help operators to ensure compliance with GDPR and surveillance camera commissioners code of practice.

”ATEC were cost competitive and the most professionally presented. We experienced a real feel-good factor on reading ATEC’s proposal, the numbers were right, the contractors ATEC identified were right, and the products were right.”

John Egerton – Project Manager MACE on behalf of HCA,  Ansty Park ANPR Project

Case Studies

ATEC at Birmingham Airport

“The quality of ATEC’s design, installation and integration is outstanding. Improved visibility across the airport coupled with superior security control enables our team to provide the highest level of operational performance possible. Critically, ATEC was able to integrate the back-track solution with our remote control room whereas competitors could only...

Area 9

Area 9, Highways England, is a model of how innovative technology solutions can improve security and operations, keeping our assets, staff and customers safe, streamlining processes and creating measurable Return on Investment (ROI)....

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